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GOATi Outsourcing is a Melbourne-based boutique art and animation production company specialising in the creation of high quality assets and outsourcing of creative talent. Drawing on our global network of experienced and talented artists, animators and sound engineers, we are able offer superior-quality, flexible and customised production solutions ranging from remote assistance for the creation of singular assets to the deployment and management of large, multi-disciplinary on-site and off-site teams. Our professional auxiliary support is seamlessly integrated into existing production pipelines ensuring that partnerships are a successful and effortless experience for clients.

As seasoned developers with first-hand experience managing and dealing with internal and external art teams, it is our priority to deliver a niche service which eliminates those issues that are commonly encountered when dealing with other outsourcing companies. Through our intimate understanding of the art production process and associated technologies we strive to facilitate positive production outcomes for each and every project that we take on.


(Greatest Of All Time)

Comprised of veteran developers and some of the industry's top talent, our core team has had extensive experience creating content for high-end projects. Having worked across all major game genres and consoles, in film and with various other platforms, you are guaranteed a team that is both artistically and technically proficient. With our solid knowledge of a broad range of technologies, including licensed and proprietory engines and tools, as well as all major creative software, we are able to deliver efficient, engine-ready assets.


Every client and project is unique. Production is dynamic. That's why we like to stay flexible in our approach. Does you team need to be large or small? Specialised or multi-disciplinary? Onsite, or offsite (or both)? Perhaps these requirements will change over the course of your production. Our scaleable model allows you to easily expand or contract your team as your project evolves, so that you can stay on track at all times. Just tell us what you need and we'll work out a personalised outsourcing plan that addresses your specific requirements.


We know that the last thing you need is another obstacle, but with the wrong partner, outsourcing can prove to be an arduous process. Our knowledge of all aspects of art production, from style guides, approvals and milestone delivery, coupled with our experience of different projects and technologies allows us to deliver exactly what you need, how you need it, and when you need it. In addition, we plug straight into your pipeline, facilitating the smooth turnover of tasks and helping to maintain the quality and continuity of your project.


We aim to preserve the quality and budget of your production by encouraging clear direction early on. From beginning to end, we'll maintain open and honest communications so that expectations and goals remain clear. Our talented team will work with you closely to explore concepts and are able to accurately interpret your ideas to produce assets that meet the originality, creative and technical standards of your project. We are also English speaking, so you can rest assured that your meaning won't get lost in translation.


As an extendable part of your team, we're willing and able help you with problems that may arise during development, whether it be art, technology or pipeline related, and are proactive in implementing solutions. Our intimate understanding of the development process and project management means that we'll be realistic in setting goals, efficient when prioritising tasks and effective in identifying risks so that we can prevent or manage them appropriately. Through our regular progress reporting, you'll also enjoy complete transparency on our performance, allowing you remain in control of your production at all times.


We're here to help you on every front, so when it comes to HR management, GOATi Outsourcing has got things covered. Whether its skills matching, arranging accommodation, quality assurance or organising pays and insurances, we'll take care of our team so you don't have to, allowing you to dedicate more of your time to where it's needed the most.